Electroacoustics / Multimedia Concert II
Fri, Dec. 2, 16:00
at National Taiwan Normal University Zhi-Ying Theater    Directions
Ticket: Free Admission
  • Chris CREE BROWN (New Zealand): Inner Bellow, for clarinet and tape (2010)
  • Chien-Wen CHENG (Taiwan): Morning Rain, for piano and electronics (2010)
  • Hsin-Yu CHOU (Taiwan): Midnight Autumn Song, for cello and electronics (2011)
  • Do-Won YU (Korea): Concrete Music II, for electronics (Centennial Seconds)
  • Ying-Jung CHEN (Taiwan): Deconstruction of the Piano, for electronics (Centennial Seconds) (2011)
  • Yung-Shen HSIAO (Taiwan): Drifting Rhythm, for electronics (2010)
  • Nicola MONOPOLI (Italy): Vocal Etude, for electronics (2009)

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