Electroacoustics / Multimedia Concert I
Fri, Dec. 2, 11:00
at National Chiao Tung University Arts Center Theater   Directions (Chinese only)
Ticket: Free Admission
  • Ofer PELZ (Israel): Convergence, for alto flute and electronics (2010)
  • Yasuhiro TAKENAKA (Japan): Kagula, for electronics (2000)
  • Yu-Chung TSENG (Taiwan): A Reminiscence of Pipa, for flute, percussion, real-time processing and prepared electronics (2005, revised 2011rev.)
  • Jason LONG (New Zealand): The Subaquatic Voltai, for electronics (Centennial Seconds) (2011)
  • Wu-Chuan WANG (Taiwan): The Moment, for electronics (Centennial Seconds) (2011)
  • Hsin YANG (Taiwan): Kong, for electronics (2010)

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