Chinese Instrument Ensemble Concert
Sun, Nov. 27, 16:00
at the National Recital Hall   Directions
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Conductor: Chih-Sheng CHEN
Ensemble: Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra
  • Lan-Chee LAM (Hong Kong): Ancient Colour, for dizi, sheng, yangqin, pipa, zheng and erhu (2010)
  • Chihchun Chi-Sun LEE (Taiwan): Liu-Shu (Elegance), for liuqin, dizi and yangqin (2008)
  • Yi-Chen TSAI (Taiwan): The Original Intention, for di-xaio, pipa, zheng and chung-hu (2010)
  • Shing-Kwei TZENG (Taiwan): A Lotus Blossom ,for di-xaio, erhu, yangqin, pipa, daruan and percussion (1990)
  • Chen-Hui JEN (Taiwan): Through a Fading Autumn, for two huquin players, pipa, and zheng (2009)
  • Joshua CHAN (Hong Kong): Circular Triangle, composition for erhu, pipa and zheng (2000)

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