Opening Concert
Sat., Nov. 26, 19:30
at the National Concert Hall   Directions
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Conductor: Alexander DRČAR
Orchestra: National Symphony Orchestra
Trumpet: Kaoru SUGIKI
Tenor Sax: Chia-Hsiu TSAI
Javanese singer: Budi PUTRA
Piano: Dan-Yi CHEN
Organ: Lih-Ching LIN
Bei-Guan ensemble: YanLexuan Beiguan Theater
Zheng: Jiuan-Reng YEH
  • Alban Berg: Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6 (1913, revised 1929)
  • Ming-Hsiu YEN (Taiwan): Yun, for orchestra (2008)
  • Jin-sun YU (Korea): At the Last Trump, concerto for trumpet and orchestra (2010)
  • Phoebus Kar-Tai LEE (Hong Kong): Palpitation, montage for large orchestra in 100 seconds (Centennial Seconds) (2011)
  • Osamu KADOWAKI (Japan): edge, for tenor saxophone and orchestra (1999)
  • Jack BODY (New Zealand): Palaran: Poems of Love and War, for orchestra and Javanese singer (2004)
  • Hwang-Long PAN (Taiwan): Heterophony, concerto for orchestra with zheng, piano, organ and traditional bei-guan Ensemble, mov. III, IVB & V (2005/2006)

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