The conferecne is only 3 days away, and we would like to ask every attendee to follow these intructions so that we can speed up the conference check-in process.

For the attendees who have reserved rooms at the Howard Intl. House, please check-in with the hotel first and then go to the conferece desk set at the lobby and claim your welcome packages.

For the attendess who will not stay at the Howard, there will be a conferecne check-in desk at the entrance of the opening ceremony. Please go to the National Concert Hall, Door Nr. 4, on Nov. 26 from 16:30 to 18:30 to claim your welcome packages.

Further more, due to the program length, the Young Composers Competition Concert on Nov. 28 has been advanced to start at 14:00, and the Orchestra Concert on Nov. 29 to start at 19:00.

We apologize for the inconvenient caused by the schedule changes.


Update News (2011/10/15)

Complete program of each concert have been uploaded. Please go to Concert Schedule for detail information. Also, tickets for the concerts are now available on ArtsTiket Ticketing System There are also discount packages for people to choose from. Get your tickets now!

*The orchestra concert on Nov. 29 is advanced to 19:00.


Update News (2011/10/05)

For people who will come with thier friends or families, we have asked the Howard Civil Service Int. House to provide "Semi-Suite" for the ACL conference attendees. The room rate is TWD4,500, but the ACL Conference Discount Rate is TWD 3,300 per night, with two breakfasts. Reserve before Oct. 25 to get the discount!


Update News (2011/09/29)

The ACL 2011 Conference is now open for registration. Please visit "Register" page for more information.

Information of our partner hotels: Taipei Howard Civil Service International House and Taichung NTSO Music Culture Park (Chinese Only) has been released on the same page, also the reservation instructions.

Should you have any question relating registration, please feel free to contact us at


Update News (2011/09/14)

The complete event schedule of the 2011 conference has been released! Please select "Event Schedule" from the top menu bar and review and download the time table.


Update News (2011/08/26)

To All the Composers whose compositions are selected to be presented in the 2011 conference:

You should have received an official notification email from the ACL TW. If you haven't received it, please contact us via



Announcing the Call for Scores Result(2011/07/26)

Here comes result of the Call for Scores.

Regarding the Choral Music, there are some technical challenges needed to be taken care of, and we will announce the choral program as soon as we resolve the challenges.

Next: the full schedule of the conference and festival and the travel packages. Please check back regularly for the updated information.


Announcing the Call for Paper Result(2011/07/22)

Thank everyone for your patience. We are now able to announce the Call for Paper result. After a long debate, the committee finally selects 6 papers out of 21 we received, and they are:

  • Luciana GALLIANO: Japan and Fluxus. The importance of Japanese tradition in the Fluxus art movement

  • Michael Sidney TIMPSON: Understanding Possibilities for Asian Instruments: A comparison of technical differences, limitations, and advantages between traditional Chinese instruments and western contemporary music

  • Chun-Bin CHEN: The Tradition-and-Innovation Discourse in Contemporary Asian Music: from an ethnomusicological perspective

  • Chee Kong HO: Contemporary Traditions: issues encountered by composition students

  • Jocelyn C. CLARK: Potted Roots and Bottled Water

  • Scott McINTYRE: The Simplification of Complex Notation Presented in Aleatoric Forms
  • Please check back and find out how to attend the abundant forums!


    Asian Composers League Call for Scores Statistics

    We have received 477 compositions, including 2 compostions for "Young Composers Competition," from 22 countries. Here are some simple statistics for your reference.

    Number of received compositions of each category
    Orchestra A: 35 Solo and Duet: 72
    Orchestra B: 37 Percussion Ensemble: 18
    Chamber Orchestra: 22 Chinese Instrumental Ensemble: 8
    Chinese Orchestra: 12 Chamber Music for Trad. and West. Instruments: 22
    Choral Music: 36 Electroacoustics/Multimedia: 39
    Chamber Music A: 28 Centennial Seconds: 17
    Chamber Music B: 116 Music for Modern Dance: 13

    Number of compositions from each country / region:
    Australia:25 Philippines:8 Finland:2
    Hong Kong:63 Singapore:13 France:2
    Indonesia:5 Taiwan:120 Germany:3
    Israel:43 Thailand:9 Italy:11
    Japan:29 British:1 Spain:4
    Korea:55 Canada:2 U.S.A.:5
    Malaysia:28 China:10  
    New Zealand:36 Netherlands:2  

    After a long selecting progress, we are about to announce the whole program of the festival. Please come back and check the website regularly.


    Latest News

    We have received more than 470 compositions from all over Asia and other regions. Thank you for your participation. The committee has started the selecting process, and we will announce the whole program as soon as possible.